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Smart Fish Feeder

Smart Fish Feeder

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⏰ Simplify pet feeding with our AF-2019B Automatic Feeder! 🐾 Easily toggle on/off, manually feed, and customize feeding times with a user-friendly interface. The large LCD screen and 200ml capacity ensure your furry friend is cared for effortlessly. 🍽️🐱

🕰️ Operation Guide 🕹️

Power On/Off: Hold "On/Off" for 3s to turn on/off.

Manual Feeding: Press for real-time feeding; in settings, press to "save current settings and exit."

Time Setting: Hold "Setting Button" for 3s; adjust hours with "▲/▼," then press for minutes.

Feeding Circle Settings: After adjusting time, press "Setting." Box 1 blinks; set feeding time, then press for rotations (① ②). Repeat for four feeding times.

Default Settings: Hold "▲" for 5s to set default: 8 am and 8 pm feedings. Hold "▼" for 5s to delete all settings.


  • Model: AF-2019B
  • 200ml large-capacity food box
  • Large LCD screen
  • Voltage: 1.5V * 2
  • Size: 157.511cm 📏🔍
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