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Interactive Cat Ball

Interactive Cat Ball

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Guaranteed fun! This rotating, glowing ball entertains your cat while promoting exercise and preventing boredom. Perfect for active and happy moments. 🌟

🐾 Interactive Automatic Cat Ball Toy: Reacts to your cat's touch, spinning 360 degrees with a press of a button. Bright light, low sound, and mouse-like rolling make it your cat's indoor favorite! 🌟

🔘 2 Modes: Normal (free-rolling for 5 mins) and Smart Mode (auto-starts on touch, turns off after 5 mins). Choose modes with a button press, letting your cat enjoy playtime anytime. 🎮

🚧 Obstacle Avoidance Feature: Built-in smart motion sensor and obstacle avoidance system ensure the ball reverses and moves away when it hits an obstacle or tight spots. No worries about it getting stuck! 🔄

💪 More Exercise: Keeps your cat active all day, promoting physical and mental well-being. Say goodbye to boredom and pet stress when left alone at home. 🏋️‍♂️

🎨 Thoughtful Design: Soft silicone surface for comfort, LED lights for attention-grabbing play, and a small size that won't intimidate your kitty. Perfect for hard floors (not ideal for thick carpets). 🌈

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