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Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box

Automatic Smart Cat Litter Box

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Elevate your cat care routine with Smart Litter Box! 🌟 This automatic, odor-fighting marvel simplifies maintenance. With a spacious design and self-cleaning features, it's the epitome of convenience. Ensure your cat's privacy and your peace of mind with its fully enclosed setup! 🚀 Upgrade to the future of feline essentials with this Cat Litter Box. 🐱

  1. 🔄 Smart Cleaning: Automatic modes and one-click litter replacement. No more manual scooping – hands-free!
  2. 🌬️ Innovative Deodorization: Ionic technology eliminates odors without consumables. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells in the room!
  3. 📱 App Control: Connect to the network and manage cleaning via the app, even when you're away. Adjust modes and more.
  4. 🚿 Low Maintenance: Spacious enough for 3 adult cats. Easy to clean and assemble. Waterproof base for added convenience.
  5. 🛡️ Patented Design: Inspired by the lunar capsule, prevents your cat from getting trapped. Cat-friendly for those with short legs.
  6. 🌐 Variety of Litter: Suitable for various litter types, except crystal. Filter designed for diverse options. Product Details: • Size: 48x51.6x50.5 cm • Door Diameter: 24.5 cm • Litter Capacity: 9L • Interior Space: 65L • Noise Level: <35db Transform your cat's grooming experience with the Smart Litter Box! 🐾🧼
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