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Automatic Anti Bark Collar

Automatic Anti Bark Collar

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Manage your dog's barking with our Automatic Anti-Bark Collar. 🐾 A smart training collar with a display, waterproof, and rechargeable. The effective solution to stop barking! 🚫🐶


  • 🚫 No Remote Control: The collar is activated by the dog's barking. A built-in sound sensor in the collar triggers features upon detecting barking.

Barking Prevention Principle

Turning On/Off the Collar:

  1. 🟢 Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the device, hearing a two-way sound.
  2. 🔴 Press and hold the power button for 2 seconds again to turn off, hearing the "Bi" sound.
  3. 🔒 While the device is on, it will be locked; press and hold the lock button for 2 seconds to unlock.

Note: If it doesn't work within 5 seconds, the device will automatically enter the locked state.

3 Training Modes:

  1. 🔊 Sound B.
  2. 🔊 + 🌀 Vibration
  3. 🔊 + ⚡ Shock
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